• What is Newzum?

    A platform to share news that you really care about. News from nooks and corners of this world. News for you, about you, by you.

  • What is Newzum’s vision?

    The world is as we see it. In our quest of following big events and personalities we often tend to ignore those small happenings around us that shape us. These are the news we should really care about. Newzum visions to bring the world closer by sharing those tiny bits of happenings in and around us.

  • What is special about Newzum?

    Newzum is your own hyper local newspaper. Whether you want to know about your hometown from thousands of miles away or want to know what's happening at the turn of the road in your locality, Newzum will tell you that. And more.

  • What is a news at Newzum?

    Anything happening in and around us is news. Your old school getting a new slide is a news. Your village getting its first hospital is a news. A corrupt official asking for bribe is a news. A beautiful thought on life is a news. Your local restaurant serving world's delicacy is a news. A lazy Sunday evening coffee along with your favorite novel is a news. Your college reunion at your favorite dhaba is a news. That little bird chirping on the highest branch of the tree in your backyard is a news. Let us share the news we want to hear. This world is a lot more than hatred and bloodshed. This world is about people like you and me. This world need to see our news and hence Newzum!

  • Is it necessary to sign up with Newzum?

    Absolutely not! You can go through the website, read news from different parts of India and the world without having to sign up or login. But, if you want to share a news with the world on Newzum you will have to sign up. Similarly, you will have to sign up to comment or vote on any news.

  • How can I write news on Newzum?

    Register with Newzum. Login using your credentials and start writing. It’s that simple!

  • What news can be shared on Newzum?

    • Anything happening around us is a news. We have shared some pointers below but this list in no way is exhaustive. Share what you feel like.
    • That philosophical, weird, world-changing thought in your mind
    • Your favorite teacher
    • A clean locality in your city
    • Potholes on the roads
    • A new restaurant in your locality
    • Plight of your village
    • A Sunday morning walk that refreshes you
    • An inspiration that keeps you going
    • A small town far far away
    • A thing you would like to change in this world
    • Anything, everything you see fit is a news worthy of Newzum! Write your heart out and share with Newzum!
  • What news can not be shared on Newzum?
    • Hate speech against anybody
    • Personal allegations
    • Plagiarized content
    • Somebody else's work without due permission and credit