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Rouge Game Spreads Like Wild Fire

Sagar Rao,

Bangalore , Karnataka , India

The Blue Whale Challenge, which reportedly originated in Russia, challenges youngsters to engage in a series of harmful behaviour over 50 days. Some of the dares include harming oneself by cutting the skin, isolating oneself, visiting graveyards at night, viewing horror movies, listening to disturbing music and, finally, committing suicide. Survivors said they started playing the game after getting a customized link through social media and they found it difficult to disengage as their personal details were shared with the game's administrator. A Blue Whale victim rescued in Jodhpur said she tried to kill herself to protect her mother whose details were with the game administrator. Though no Blue Whale-related tragedy has been reported in Karnataka, the education department has decided to take no chances as suicides triggered by the game are rising across the world.