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The Real Food Street!

Sagar Rao,

VV Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Street shopping at sunset Street food at VV Puram to witness the bare streets of VV Puram come to life as the sun sets. Every possible street food item that you could think of is set here, hawker style. There are a lot of permanent shop houses too, that sell their hot favourites to street food seekers. Ranging from kulfi, ghee dosa, potato sticks and masala pav to chaats, sandwiches, Kodu bele, pav bhaji, dosa and dal hollige in pure ghee, you have them all. End your trip with a refreshing Gulkand ice cream further up, as you turn towards the main road.If you want to cover the circuit, the trick is to eat a little at every place. It works really well if you have a friend accompanying you. That way you get to share your meals, especially over snacks and street food treats.